Q: Can I get a specific jacket in a different size?

A: It depends if the jacket itself is a new or upcycled one. Upcycled are one of a kind but the new ones can usually be replicated providing the jacket and embroidery are in stock.


Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: Yes! Custom orders usually happen like this:

  1. You message requesting a custom with details like shade of denim (black, light wash etc), image of embroidery you found on our website or socials or the general look and vibe you’re going for. 
  2. We reply with our top 3 options that match your criteria
  3. You make your selection and we make it happen!
  4. Depending on embroidery and jacket, customs generally costs between $190 -$220 (free shipping)


Q: Can we send our old faithful jacket to get fancied up?

A: Yes! You mail it to us with a note that states the embroidery style you like best and the best way to contact you and your mailing address. If we’ve already chatted on socials be sure to include where and your handle! We then send our top 3 options that are the closest to what you’re looking for and we do them up, put our tag on it and send it back! Cost is around $95-$120 depending on embroidery (free return shipping)


Q: Can we make a request without being charged extra?

A: Yes. If the one you want is a new jacket (It will say in the product description) and you want it exactly as is, give us the name of the jacket and the size you want. We don’t make any guarantees on jacket or timelines doing it this way but we firmly believe in making what people want! We will upload it to our page like all our other jackets but if you’re on our insiders list you get 20 minutes free access! We will also be putting up question boxes on our socials for requests per size. 


Q: How do you do sizing?

A: Sizes XS, S, M, L are based on how they fit me(Jay). I am generally a size M or 6-8, 5’8” and 150lbs... the rest of the sizes are marked as they come to us.


Q: Why are some measurements way different in the same size category?

A: The styles are different. Some are more fitted, some are trucker styles, some have drop shoulders, etc. Measurements are from the seam to seam or seams to the edges. The back measurement is from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. The best way to get a sleeve measurement is to multiply the sleeve x 2 (because you have two arms) and add the shoulder measurement. Then measure yourself across the shoulders from wrist to wrist. 


Q: Do you take returns?

A: Yes! As long as it is returned to us within 21 days and there aren’t any stains or marks like coffee or makeup we will issue a full refund. Returns are to be sent to:

Starling Jackets

Box 1992

Fairview, AB

T0H 1L0